Australia to deliver armored vehicles to Ukraine after Zelensky’s request

Australia will deliver locally produced armored vehicles to Ukraine after a plea from President Volodymyr Zelensky, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday.

Morrison did not say when or how many vehicles — known as Bushmasters — would be sent to Ukraine.

“We’re not just sending our prayers, we’re sending our guns, we’re sending our munitions, we’re sending our humanitarian aid, we’re sending all of this and body armor,” Morrison said.

“We’re going to be sending our armored vehicles, our Bushmasters as well. And we’re flying them over there on our C-17s.”

Zelensky called for the armored vehicles while speaking to Australia’s parliament via video link on Thursday, saying “we have to keep those who are fighting against this evil armed.”

“You have very good armed personnel vehicle, Bushmaster, that could help Ukraine substantially, and other pieces of equipment that could strengthen our position in terms of armament,” Zelensky said.

“If you have an opportunity to share this with us we would be very grateful.” He added.

Also, Zelensky appealed for further sanctions on Russia.

Previously, Australia has donated military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine and also declared a ban on exports of alumina and aluminum ore to Russia.

Russia relies on Australia for nearly 20% of its alumina needs, according to the Australian government.

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