EU to impose more sanctions on Russia, likely measures on gas and oil

The European Union will impose more sanctions on Russia, possibly on gas and oil, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday.

“At this critical point in the war we must increase the pressure on Putin again,” von der Leyen stated in an address to the European Parliament in Brussels.

The EU on Tuesday declared its intentions to impose a fifth package of sanctions on Russia including an import ban on Russian coal.

These sanctions will not be our last sanctions. As I said already yesterday. Yes, we’ve now banned coal, but now we have to look into oil,” Leyen said.

The EU also needs to look at the “revenues that Russia gets from fossil fuels,” she added.

Her statements were echoed by European Council chief Charles Michel in a tweet Wednesday, saying that EU “measures on oil, and even gas will also be needed sooner or later.”

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