Fact check: Did Justin Bieber Wear Balenciaga Bottle Slippers? – Nexus News

The Internet had gone crazy over photos of Justin Bieber, a Canadian singer slaying on the viral Balenciaga bottle slippers.

Justin’s fans were surprised and dropped comments like “JustinBieber in bottle slippers, Balenciaga” “Not new in Africa. Whenever Africa invent her product we laugh at it, now it is in the west let wait and see how it will go viral and Africa will be the first to go in for the same product”

Nexus News ran a fact check and report that Balenciaga did not design any bottle slippers and also a report that states that these bottle slippers can be purchased on the Balenciaga website for €895, is a lie.

The Balenciaga bottle slippers is a concept created by a Russian artist / designer called neondazer (Max Arnautov).

Also the edited photo is a picture of Justin Bieber taken from the Balenciaga Fall 2021 campaign, the photo was edited by neondazer.

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Neondazer edited the dadcore running sneakers, and replaced them with his own bottle slippers.


The photos of Justin Bieber on Balenciaga bottle slippers is fake news and Balenciaga has not designed any slippers of such.

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