Fastest displacement crisis for Ukraine since WWWII -IRC

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine a month ago, over 2 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed into Poland.

The International Rescue Committee IRC said in a statement Thursday,  It’s “the fastest displacement crisis we’ve seen since the Second World War”

According to IRC, Poland has “acted quickly” to legalize the stay of Ukrainians and to give access to social services like healthcare, education, and financial assistance.

“However, to receive most benefits, registration for a Polish ID number is required. Even with the swift registration process established by the Polish government, it will be a long process to register the over one million people who are expected to stay on in Poland,” said Heather Macey, IRC Team Lead in Poland.

IRC, a major US humanitarian group, has prompted authorities in countries neighboring Ukraine to “make full use of the help offered by the EU Asylum Agency, EU funding, and other EU countries to make sure that refugees are supported in an equitable and sustainable way across the contin

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