IPOB apologist, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is the Labour Party candidate for the Lagos State Gubernatorial election. This article seeks to enlighten the Yorubas in Lagos.

The Presidential election saw Peter Obi of Labour Party win in Lagos State in an unprecedented victory that, politics aside, is shocking. News have it that one Rhodes-Vivour who has gone ahead to include Gbadebo to his name posits himself as the architect of a new Lagos.

For those who are well learned, they understand that morality is not black and white and this is well explained when we look at Ethical Egoism, Ethical Altruism and Motive Consequentialism (The reader can look them up). An example is the capital punishment. Murder might be bad, but the wrongness of murder becomes subjective when we execute a convicted murderer. I am putting this forth so the Yorubas can understand what appears to be Ethical Tribalism.


The alleged #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre made manifest the IPOB agenda in Lagos. From the contradictions of Dj Switch, to defaming Tinubu, destroying public facilities, etc. Do note that I have mentioned IPOB not Igbo agenda. This is better understood when you know that not all Israelis are Zionists.

It turns out that if care is not taken, the acclaimed non-tribalistic stance of the Yorubas may lead to the occupation of Lagos by strangers as did Israel to Palestine.

Barack Obama: A Case Study

It is not uncommon to use the West as an example of a civilized environment. Thus, a reader may reference America and say, “If Obama became a President in the USA, why can’t an IPOB become a Governor in Lagos?”

I am not opposed to an environment where an Igbo man can become a Governor in Lagos, A Yoruba man in Anambra and a Hausa man in Edo. However, if an Igbo man wants to be a Governor in this present Nigeria, it is time we learnt from America.

When the United States chose a Muslim woman as Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, they did not choose the wife of Zakir Naik or Osama Bin Laden relative or anyone they felt her views may not align with the American culture. They instead chose Ilhan Omar who, though a Muslim, reflects everything American and no sooner had she gotten the position that she started campaigning for the rights of Homosexuals and accuse Muslim countries of primitive laws.

We take a look at Barack Obama. Obama won only because he was American at heart and does not pose as a threat to American Culture. Were Obama linked to the Black Lives Movement or was their head, or better put, if Obama was Luis Farrakhan, he would never become American President. So, though it appears America was nice enough to vote a Black man, it was someone that reflects their values and was not a threat to their existence.

It is up to Lagosians to vote for their candidates, however, resentment for anyone should not lead you to your enslavement in your own land. It may happen that someone may not like Jandor of PDP, Sanwo-Olu of APC is there and if you do not want APC, PDP is there for vote or some other party candidates that do not threaten the existence of the owners of the land

It is not a bad idea for Lagos to set the pace as regards having someone who is not from the tribe as a Governor, however, that person has to be Obama meaning he does not represent any form or IPOB, Arewa, Togolese, Benin Republic or what have you expansionism.


Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman

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