It is not your right to react if a policeman in uniform slaps you, Force PRO informs Nigerians – Nexus News

The Police Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has stated that no Nigerian has the right to confront policemen or fight back, even if the cop slapped a ‘civilian’.

Speaking through his Twitter account, the Force PRO implored any victim of Police savage to rather file a complaint with the law enforcement agency.

He was reacting to a trending video of a man dragging a rifle with a policeman during a heated argument and suspicious molestation over his phone.

A civilian dragging riffle with a police officer

Adejobi further said that if a person attacks police personnel in uniform, it would be seen as ‘an act of disrespect to Nigeria.’

He said: “Even if a policeman in uniform slaps a civilian, the civilian has no right to retaliate. More so, if he’s in the uniform, it’s an act of disrespect to Nigeria to beat an officer in the uniform.

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“The disrespect is not to the policeman but to our nation and it’s a crime as enshrined in our criminal laws

“So, it’s not a case of what the policeman did that led to it, but the reaction of the civilians who actually assaulted the police

“If police assault a civilian, you report and actions will be taken to rebuke him, not to take the law into your hands. (sic)

“Let alone, it’s a matter of checking phones, which can be easily reported and addressed. Now they are kept in our 5-star hotel in Lagos and will be in court on Monday.

“Are you going to visit them or send them food, or appear in court to defend them? Don’t support what is bad, ok”

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