New British PM Truss to visit Ukraine

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, on Tuesday has announced plans to honor Ukrainian President Vlodymmyr Zelenskky’s invitation to visit Ukraine.

Truss said she is looking forward to working with Zelenskky in the coming weeks and months while expressing  delight over the invitation.

Ms Truss in a statement made her first call to President Vlodymmyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine reassuring him of her support and remarking that Ukraine “could depend on the UK’s assistance for the long term.”

Likewise, Mr Zelenskyy, while congratulating her on her new role, invited her to Ukraine.

“I became the 1st foreign leader to have a conversation with the newly elected BritishPM @trussliz. Invited her to Ukraine,” Zelenskyy tweeted.

Nexus News gathered that prior to her appointment as PM, Ms Truss was a foreign secretary who took part in UK’s sanctions on Russia for attacking Ukraine and has since the war been very outspoken in her support for Ukraine.

Ms Truss, delivering her first speech as prime minister, condemned the energy crisis in Europe on Russia.

According to her, leaders have discussed the need to strengthen global security and necessary measures to cut off the funds fuelling Russian leader Putin’s war machine.

“The leaders deplored Putin’s attempts to weaponize energy, and the Prime Minister said it was vital Russia’s blackmail did not deter the west from ensuring Putin fails. She also underscored the importance of ensuring the UK and our allies continue to build energy independence,” the statement read.


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