Queen Elizabeth feeding African Children like fowls? — Fack Check

There is a now-viral video in circulation that suggests the late Queen Elizabeth II was feeding African Children like fowls. Now shared across various social media platforms, the video has gathered over 100k views one a single Facebook account.

We fact-checked the disturbing video and discovered that the scene was from an 1899 movie titled, “Enfants annamites ramassant des sapèques devant la Pagode des Dames”(Indochina: Children gathering coins scattered by Western Women). The movie was directed by Gabriel Veyre.

While others have read an imperialistic perspective to it, it is not clear what the actual intent was. Another interpretation is that it was just an act of good gesture as it was a norm for wealthy people to throw money from rooftops or spray money in the air..

Watch the video:



Verdict: The claim that it was Queen Elizabeth II is false and whether it depicts the evil of colonialism is subjective.

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