Andrew Tate and Co-defendants Ordered to Stand Trial for Human Trafficking and Rape Charges in Romania

Andrew Tate, left, and his brother Tristan

Divisive Internet Personality and Brother Face Prosecution Amidst Denials

Romanian prosecutors have taken the significant step of sending Andrew Tate, a controversial figure on the internet, along with his brother Tristan and two other suspects, to trial on charges of human trafficking, rape, and forming a criminal gang to exploit women sexually.

The DIICOT (anti-organized crime prosecution’s unit) announced on Tuesday that the four defendants have been “ordered the indictment” for various offenses, including “establishing an organized criminal group, human trafficking, and rape.”

Andrew Tate himself faces additional charges of rape against one of the victims, while Tristan has been charged with inciting others to commit acts of violence.

The Tate brothers, as well as two Romanian female suspects, are currently under house arrest as the criminal investigation into the alleged abuses against seven women unfolds. Throughout the process, they have staunchly denied all accusations brought against them.

Initially taken into police custody from December 29 to March 31, the Tate brothers were subsequently placed under house arrest by a Bucharest court.

The trial, however, is not expected to commence immediately.

Multiple women have come forward to share their harrowing experiences, accusing the brothers of misogyny and mistreatment.

According to Romanian law, the case will now be referred to the court’s preliminary chamber, where a judge will meticulously examine the case files for legality within a 60-day period.

The Tate brothers, former kickboxers who hold US and British nationalities and command a substantial online following, are the most prominent individuals to be sent to trial in Romania on charges of human trafficking.

Prosecutors allege that the Tate brothers lured their victims through deceit, feigning romantic interest or the intention of marriage.

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