Doctor Confesses To Deliberately Letting Patients Die Under His Care

Viral screenshots of a confession made by a supposed Nigerian medical doctor appeared on social media yesterday, provoking angry reactions across several platforms on social media including twitter and facebook.

Christopher Uche-Ayodeji, also known as Dr Chris, in a post on facebook confessed to intentionally murdering patients under his care during his service as a doctor in a hospital in Northern Nigeria (not specified).

Photo: fb

Ayodeji further claimed on his facebook profile to be a resident physician presently working at University Hospital, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

During his three months service according to the post, Dr Chris had deliberately ‘let patients die’ under his watch as an act of vengeance.

“Do you know why? I was on a revenge mission. My street neighbor served in Bauchi and was a victim of 2015 who was killed during the Buhari-Jonathan election. Her mother cried but I told her don’t worry that I would avenge her daughter’s death and I did it in full.” The confession partly read.

In one of the many reactions on social media, Gimba Kakanda, a young author had broadcasted on his twitter page through his handle @gimbakakanda, tagging the University of Birmingham Hospital, UK, and appropriate Nigerian agencies to the tweet.

Consequently, Birmingham hospital in a related tweet debunked the claim that Dr Chris, worked or has ever worked for them.

“We confirm that this individual is not known to us” the tweet partly read.

Social media users are currently calling on the Nigerian government to investigate the matter.

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