Fact-check: Did Buhari pledge support for Ukraine?

As part of viral misleading information including pictures and gory videos on social media concerning the Russia-Ukraine crisis, a screenshot has been circulating alleging Nigeria’s Presidency’s solidarity for Ukraine.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari was alleged to have expressed his support for Ukraine in this trying times after speaking with US President Joe Biden, as claimed in a screenshot from his official twitter handle.

The screenshot claimed to be from President Buhari’s official twitter page

The screenshot, circulated by a particular twitter handle @delsutv, held that Buhari had informed his military ‘personals’ to be prepared for war. “we will not let this slide” the text in the screenshot read.

But, as Nexus News ran a fact-check, this was proved to be untrue and fabricated.

The screenshot was debunked to be a product of photoshop where the president’s twitter profile was merged with the text.

Nexus News further verified from the president’s official page that no tweet of such was posted as claimed.

It was further corroborated that President Buhari is yet to speak and or express views regarding the Russia-Ukraine recent crisis.

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