Fact-check: Did Governor Inuwa Distribute Slipper Shoes To Citizens In Gombe State?

Social media has yet again, circulated reports claiming that Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahya has distributed slippers shoes to the public.

This, reports claim, is part of gifts for the coming celebrations of eid-el-fitr.

Written in Hausa, the facebook post jests the alleged move by the Government

In a similar story, Facebook posts broadcasted that the slippers shoes were accompanied by loaves of bread.

However, a fact-check by Nexus News debunked the story.

In another Facebook post by one of the social media aides to the state Governor, in person of Sardauna Salihu, the alleged claims were said to have transpired weeks ago.

This picture shows members of Inuwa Action Group at the entrance of the state correctional center, along Emir palace, Gombe. (Photo: Sardauna Salihu)

According to the post, which was published in Hausa, the slippers shoes and bread were said to be part and parcel of a visit paid to the correctional centre in Gombe, carried out by a political group, Inuwa Action Group.

The disclaimer added that the political group paid the visit just a few days to the APC National Convention that was held on 26 March 2022.

The disclaimer as published on Facebook by Sardauna Salihu, a social media aide to the state Governor.

Speaking to Sardauna Salihu on WhatsApp, Nexus News ascertained that the state government did not distribute such items to the public and the posts are just mere misgivings by rumour mongers.

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