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An image claiming to show a tweet sent by fast-food chain McDonald’s reporting that obesity doesn’t exist is doctored. No post as such was published by the company.

The image appears to reveal a tweet published on Sept. 8, 2022, via the official McDonald’s Twitter account (@McDonald). The alleged tweet reads: “The term “obese” and the BMI scale were created by settler institutions and are inherently anti-black. “Overweight” people don’t exist, there’s no one body type that determines what every other body should look like. Please don’t give fatphobia a seat at your table.”

The image claims to show that the tweet accumulated over 2,400 likes and 180 retweets at the time the screenshot was allegedly captured.

One user added in the comments: “They do though? Genuine negative health effects for being overweight”.

Another said: “Gee I wonder why they’re saying this? Is it because their food is unhealthy and could make people severely obese? No that can’t be the point, surely not…”.

“This is a fake post and was not published from an official McDonald’s account,” the company confirmed to Journalist.

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A search through the company’s Twitter profile does not disclose the alleged tweet, neither does a Twitter advanced search reveal the supposed post (twitter.com/McDonalds).

Unless a tweet is quickly deleted, there will likely be a reaction under a notice of a deleted tweet. There was no evidence of this pertaining to the company’s Twitter account on the purported date the tweet was sent, Sept. 8.


The fast-food chain McDonald’s did not post a tweet stating that obesity does not exist. The image was doctored.

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