Filling the Renaissance Dam has become a reality



Ethiopian Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen announced today, Sunday, that the filling of the Renaissance Dam reservoir, which sparked widespread controversy between his country, Sudan and Egypt, has become a reality.

At the same time, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed sent his message to Sudan and Egypt, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and said, “The peaceful negotiations and discussions on the dam will bear fruit more than any other alternative.”
Where he mentioned that the height of the dam reached 600 meters, adding, “We will sell electricity to neighboring countries, and I consider the Nile a gift to the three countries, adding that the Nile is a source of pride for the Ethiopians and we will achieve development through it.”

For his part, Head of the Technical Negotiation Committee for the Renaissance Dam file at the Sudanese Ministry of Irrigation, Mustafa Hussein, said that his country is closely watching the results of Ethiopia’s step, which was announced yesterday by the start of the second turbine to generate electricity from the dam.

On the other hand, Egypt protested to the UN Security Council about Ethiopia’s plans to continue filling the dam at the end of last July, accusing it of a “unilateral” decision without the three countries’ agreement.

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