Government is the problem -SDP Presidential Candidate Bemoans

Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Adewale Adebayo, has bemoaned the huge oil and gas wealth allegedly embezzled by corrupt government officials.

Adebayo, during a tour in Delta State, yesterday, said despite the oil wealth, Nigeria’s infrastructure has remained in a worse state, coupled with insecurity and monumental official corruption that is currently threatening Nigeria’s corporate existence.

According to Adebayo: “Government is the problem. You can gnash your teeth and shed tears, there are people in government that are making money out of it.

“The numerous problems, be it insecurity, economic meltdown and a weak currency, is due to government’s poor handling of issues and frittering away of the nation’s oil wealth.

“Corruption, insecurity, poverty, economic imbalance, foreign exchange calamities, inflation, all of these things are a deliberate programme of the government to ruin the country.”

“Look at Warri, many cities in Europe Asia survive on Warri alone. The whole of the American economy, the largest economy in the world, is not as rich as Warri and its environs. The amount of gas available in this area is 300 times the size of the U.S. economy. So, we should naturally, as God planned it, be the richest country in the world without a doubt, and we have the smartest people you can get.

“So, if the Nigerian people listen to us and give the SDP power in Delta State and Nigeria, then we can go to bed and say God has given us liberty.” he said.

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