Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Escalates in Jenin Camp, Resulting in Fatalities

In a recent Israeli military operation targeting the Jenin camp, four individuals lost their lives, heightening tensions in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Mustafa Barghouti, General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative, described the attack as an asymmetrical conflict, highlighting the vast disparity in firepower between the well-equipped Israeli army and the Palestinian civilians. Utilizing advanced weaponry such as Apache helicopters, F-16 jet fighters, and armored vehicles, Israeli forces unleashed a barrage of firepower upon the civilian population residing in Jenin camp and Jenin city.

Palestinians are taken to hospital with ambulances

The casualties reported so far include four fatalities, including a 16-year-old child, and 45 injured individuals, with 10 in critical condition. Barghouti emphasized that the Palestinians are merely defending themselves against the overwhelming force employed by the Israeli military. The assault on Jenin follows a concerning development as the Israeli government declared an unprecedented expansion of settlements, effectively eroding the possibility of a two-state solution and annexing the West Bank.

Journalists and media personnel who found themselves amidst the crossfire managed to escape the perilous situation. According to eyewitness accounts, Israeli soldiers directly targeted the journalists, subjecting them to gunfire. Meanwhile, clashes erupted at the northern entrance of the occupied West Bank town of al-Bireh near the Beit El military checkpoint. Young Palestinians barricaded the entrance using barriers and stones, setting tires ablaze and hurling rocks at the Israeli forces. In response, the Israeli forces retaliated by deploying rubber-coated bullets and tear gas.

Additional Palestinian journalists reported being surrounded by Israeli forces, unable to flee as live fire was directed at them. The severity of the situation prompted one journalist, Mohamed Aqiq, to send a distressing voice note to his colleagues, highlighting the indiscriminate shooting and their predicament behind a hospital with an ambulance. The number of individuals stranded with Aqiq remains uncertain.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the death of at least four Palestinians during the Israeli military raid in Jenin. The victims were identified as Khaled Darwish (21), Qassam Sariya (19), Ahmed Saqr (15), and Qassam Faisal Abu Sirriya (29). Hazem Nasser, a Palestinian journalist covering the events in Jenin, sustained injuries from Israeli gunfire and was promptly transferred to Ibn Sina Hospital. His condition was deemed to be ranging from moderate to critical.

The Palestinian health ministry reported a total of 45 injuries resulting from the Israeli military operation, with 10 individuals in critical condition. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) denounced the Israeli incursion and mourned the loss of three Palestinians, vowing that the resistance in the West Bank would persist. The PIJ called for a mass demonstration in Gaza to condemn Israeli aggression and express solidarity with those affected by the operation in Jenin.

The Israeli military confirmed that seven of its soldiers were injured during the Jenin raid, which commenced before dawn with the intention of apprehending two wanted Palestinians from the Jenin refugee camp. One of the individuals was associated with Hamas, while the other had ties to Islamic Jihad. As the Israeli forces were retreating, an explosive device detonated in an armored vehicle, causing injuries ranging from mild to moderate. Gunfire targeted the Israeli vehicles, leading to the immobilization of five of them, thus necessitating a protracted effort to recover them.

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