Lawyer defends Kyari, says it’s a set up, lie

Abba Kyari

Debo Adeleke, lawyer of suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, has contended that the police officer was ‘set up’ with a lie fabricated against him.

Recall that Abba Kyari was declared wanted Monday over alleged connections with drug trafficking by National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

According to Adeleke: “We know him to be a man of impeccable character. A man that has dedicated his life to the commitment, preventing and to fighting criminality to a stand still.

“No doubt that the man would have stepped on various toes because of the enviable pedigree, knowing full well the nature of the country called Nigeria.
“It’s just like Mr. President said if we don’t win corruption, corruption would win the fight and bring us down. Because of the enviable pedigree of this man, some powerful cartel that wants to destroy him is trying to pull him down.

“The so-called Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), that American called for his extradition, was an aberration of lies and orchestrated calculated attempt to pull him down. Is a simple case of pulling down syndrome. This young man has not only been the best police officer in Nigeria but internationally.

“Barely three years ago, I was in Germany when my personal assistant drew my attention to a CNN report on Abba Kyari being praised by some of his colleagues at the FBI.

“Let us face reality, if he has been involved in drugs, the American government and other countries have a list of drug barons. They might have decided to invite him if was involved in such a thing. America and some European countries will never spare him.

“He would not have lasted in the police force. He has enemies including police officers. Most of them I have worked tirelessly with in solving Nigeria’s problems.

“I do not understand what these people want to do with the campaign of calumny. We have not heard of the whole story. This is nothing but a charade of lies.”

“He will never be involved in such an act. For all this year, his achievement has become envious. In his class of 40s, he has Excel. But Nigeria is good at fabricating lies that look more credible than truth. I can assure you that this man will be exonerated.”

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