Media Taunts Peter Obi’s Claims, Debunks 7 ‘#LiesOfObi’

Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has reportedly made claims which were found to be untrue.

As broadcasted by media influencer and publisher Naija Reality News, Michael Sam Idoko, the presidential candidate has on several occasions, alleged to have given information that were comically labelled ‘him tu lie’.

While Peter Obi has become famous for bragging about his ‘facts’, ‘Mr Go and verify’ In a pictorial fact-check which were hash tagged ‘LiesOfObi’ numbered and fact-checked one to seven claims made by the LP candidate.

One of his claims held that he was the first governor to be impeached and reinstated in Nigeria.

However, a fact-check confirmed that former governor of Oyo state Rashidi Ladoja was in fact, the first governor to be impeached and reinstated between February 12 to November 1 in 2006.


Obi gave a wrong statistic when he said there are 30 million millionaires across the world. According to Credit Suisse ,56.1 million millionaires existed as of 2020.


Similarly, he said Nigeria has the highest number of poor people (87 out 200 million) and that poverty in Nigeria is growing by 6 per cent. 

Further claims by Obi that were debunked Obi centered on both national and world economy, alleging at a point that 40% of Gross Domestic Products in China, Malaysia and Indonesia comes from manufacturing.

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