More than 900 bodies of Ukrainian civilians found in Kyiv region since Russian retreat -police 

The head of the Kyiv regional police said during a briefing on Friday that more than 900 bodies of civilians have been found since the Russian army vacated from the area.

According to Andrii Niebytov, the bodies were examined and transported to forensic medical institutions for detailed examination.

Furthermore, Niebytov said that the bodies of some people in the village of Shevchenko ​had been identified, adding that “they were ordinary locals, unfortunately also tortured, and we see that they were shot.”

Niebytov added that some of the people that were shot had white armbands on them to try to defend themselves from Russian forces.

“During the occupation of our cities, the occupiers forced citizens to wear white armbands as if this person had already been checked and was therefore not treated so meticulously. Therefore, in order to save their lives, our citizens wore these bandages themselves to protect themselves from gunshots,” he said.

According to him, wearing white armbands did not always work, “even if they hung white rags on the fences of their apartments,” adding that there were also children who were living in those apartments.

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