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The National Agency for Food, Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), has begun a nationwide clampdown on all unlawful manufacturers and marketers of alcoholic bitters and ‘manpower’ herbal medicines across the nation with a view to bringing perpetrators to book and reducing the intake of the substance.

Director-General of NAFDAC, Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, revealed this in Abuja, yesterday, at the press briefing, stating that unlawful factories in connection to the production of such illegal products have been shut down and three owners arrested.

She noticed that investigations from various operations organized by the agency disclosed a dangerous trend in the use of such substances laced with high concentrations of tobacco and sometimes, cannabis by the populace cutting across all genders and age groups particularly artisans, drivers and commercial motorcycle operators among others

Adeyeye said that the agency got a series of reports on the use of a herbal preparation popularly known as ‘Kurkura’, particularly in the South West and Northern axis of the country and then swung into action.

According to her, the ‘Kurkura’ herbal preparations discovered in circulations included Five Minutes Power Herbs Medicine, Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture, Gamzaki Tradomedical Herbal Ventures, Barakallahu Multipurpose Herbal Mixture, and Sabon Karfi Herbal Mixture.

She said that the agency has shut down the following harmful herbal aphrodisiac at some Islamic herbal medicines shops in Zaria, Kaduna State, Gagnaire Man Power; Minister For Man Power; Almenjou For Lazy Men in Bed; Nisan Zango Karfin Maza; Shagalin Ka Man Power; Dakan Jia Man Power enhancement; Wuff Male Sexual Performance and Afafata For Sexual Drive.

The NAFDAC boss said that among the above-listed concoctions, only Haonu Laha Herbal Mixture is licensed, nonetheless laced with illegal substances that are harmful to the body.

She stated that Kurkura is an illicit product unlawfully consumed for the main purpose of getting intoxicated, noting that the substance when confused can be dangerous to the body organs such as the brain, kidney and liver.

“The damage to Kidney and Liver cannot be overemphasized,” she quipped.

The NAFDAC boss further explained that the substance could lead to irrational thinking, an disrupt the state of mind, which if taken by a driver can lead to road accidents with the attendant fatality consequences, or can lead to criminal behaviours such as rape, kidnapping and murder.

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She said, “Another herbal preparation that is of concern is aphrodisiac and we have discovered the lacing of it with cannabis.

Worthy of note is the discovery of the usage of Hyergra 200 (Sildenafil Citrate tablet), Amafranil tablets (Clomipramine tablet 25mg) and Cannon Extra (Paracetamol 500mg+Caffeine 30mg) in the production room.

“The owner admitted that he dissolves the Hyergra 200, Cannon Extra and the Anafranil in a drum and mixes the content with boiled kanafari, garlic, dundu, marke, hankufa, sweetener and sodium benzoate to make up the ‘manpower’ preparation. Yet the label on the preparation reads 100%Herbal. The effect of such preparation on a person with heart challenges can only be imagined.”

“Alcoholic bitters product that is of grave concern is Japata Alcoholic bitters which were duly registered by NAFDAC but laced with marijuana or cannabis compared to the registered product that had only ethanol. Through intelligence, NAFDAC was able to shut down the company. This product, when tested in the laboratory, caused the death of the mice within five minutes. The alcoholic content was doubled compared with the registered product,” she added.

Adeyeye stated that the agency would continue with the invasion on other unlawful production outlets and the perpetrators would be dealt with in line with the extant laws and regulations.

“This drives home the fact that eradication of fake and counterfeit drugs, adulterated and unwholesome processed foods and other regulated products, is a holistic battle which should involve every well-meaning Nigerian,” she said.

She further advised the consumers of NAFDAC regulated products to be mindful of drugs, food and other regulated products they buy and to report any suspicious activities within their environment to the nearest NAFDAC office.

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