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The Nigeria Police High Command has expressed concern over reoccurring and illegal possession and use of its uniforms and accessories by individuals, movies and comedy makers.

It also expressed dissatisfaction on the illegal sale of police materials and accessories by traders in shops, open stores not legally approved nor recognized by the authority.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) also bewailed the demeaning manner at which film makers and skit makers describe the police institution in their movies and skits, using the police uniform without regards to the provision of Section 251 of the Criminal Code law, and Section 133 of the Penal Code Law, which penalize such unlawful use with accompanying necessary sanctions.

Spokesperson for the police, Muyiwa Adejobi, in a press release, cited the IGP as charging all commands and formations, the IGP Monitoring Unit, Provost marshals and X-Squad, to arraign and immediately punish, in accordance with the law.

The directive also covered all persons or group of persons involving in the unlawful sales of police uniforms and accessories within their jurisdictions, while film or skit makers who depicts the Nigeria Police Force officers in bad light, without applying for, and being duly given a permit letter for such portrayals, are to end such act with immediate effect or face the full wrath of the law.

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“The IGP further reiterates the commitment of the Force to guaranteeing compliance with law, as the Force Public Relations Officer has been charged with the task of ensuring prompt authorisation for all applications for approvals of usage of police items in movies, in tandem with the extant laws and which will portray good values, impress positively on the Nigerian public, add value to our system, provide police officers with modern innovations to actively carry out policing duties and on-screen role models who would influence their lives and career; and consequently improve security mechanisms in Nigeria.

“The Inspector-General of Police strongly believes that such sanity in movies production, regulation of sales, possession and usage of police uniforms and accoutrements will definitely impact positively on resuscitating moral values, and correcting wrong perceptions and ideologies towards commissioning of crimes in our society. “It is obvious that this step will surely curb proliferation of police kits, uniforms and accoutrements and eventually reduce police impostors-induced crimes in our society,” the statement added.

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