Opinion: Malum Lucasitun and Bonding with Satan By Ashraff Adeyemo


Recently totally wondering how blood money works. These days where there are now many people in that scheme. Do they print their own money or do we have some magical monies in circulation? Do they have the new note which many ATM machines do not even have?

Are you asking questions too? What questions are you asking?

In our subconscious, we know one lazy bastard is currently thinking of killing others for money and nothing is being done about it. We even live in a society where some of us know people definitely on blood money finance. But since the days we have left, clowns are retards to speak for society and influence public opinion with foolishness like ‘people should mind their own business ‘ nobody really challenges people’s source of wealth.

God Didn’t Finish the Work?

“Miracles is not God’s way” is the name of the article I dropped last week, and if you read it maybe you will also be troubled about how Idris escaped the ritualist last month.

Idris is an Hafiz (one who has memorized the Qur’an), so we have faith that he will survive the ritual killing. I called his kidnapping a ‘bad market’ for ritualists. However, we can be glad he escaped but the way God saved him baffled me.
Four culprits were involved in the operation. A man, the terminator, 2 young women, and an older woman. If this were Nollywood movie or Yoruba ‘Agbara nla’, you will expect thunder and lightning to strike and kill everyone on the spot because they kidnapped an Hafiz then and save the chosen. However, it was one of the ladies that was somehow persuaded to release Idris without the knowledge of the other culprits.

The implication here is; even if it is said that the evil people hid from God by staying in the darkest part of the country and protected by charms (which is impossible cos God is always there watching), Idris was able to bring God there. And God refused to expose the culprits, harm them, or prevented them from killing the other victims. Apparently, this is an extension of God’s position that He doesn’t change the condition of people that refused to change (Q13:11). Then Satanists flourish amongst us.

‘Malum in se’ and ‘Do Wat thou wilt’

Lucas introduced me to a not-very-popular law philosophy phrase on the second day of January, ‘Malum in se’
Mula in se (plural mala in se) is a Latin phrase meaning wrong or evil in itself. The phrase is used to refer to conduct assessed as sinful or inherently wrong by nature, independent of regulations governing the conduct. It is distinguished from malum prohibitum, which is wrong only because it is prohibited by the authority.

The discourse continues. And that was then we looked further into another phenomenon which we discovered is probably as important in the premise, that is, a situation where something is inherently wrong by nature but is being made legal by the government. One situation is LGBTQ. But we couldn’t find a way to this.

Evil can now exist in 2 ways:

1. When it is known as evil
2. When it is not known as evil.

And that brings us to Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) was an English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, and painter. He founded the religion of Thelema, identifying himself as the prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the Æon of Horus (Paganistic Satanism through magic) in the early 20th century. He owns the phrase ‘Do what thou wilt’.

Aleister Crowly in 1925
Aleister Crowly in 1925

The philosophy, teaching, prediction and utopia of Aleister Crowley, who also sees himself as the antichrist calling himself “the great beast” is ‘absolute, unfettered libertinism.’ an extreme liberalism that a country like America is heading into by not knowing where to draw the line.

Many new things always start like a new scheme to make life easier for all but in truth, it’s a trap or a way to the fulfillment of the occultic agenda that we already rejected in the past. We can see many artists tagged with Satan associating themselves with the phrase “do what thou wilt” which literary means a lifestyle where you can do what you want without restraint.

What is Malum Lucasitun?

That there is no known name for a situation where the authority legalizes what is inherently wrong. Well, might be deliberate, as one doesn’t get to find and tackle a situation that has no name. You can’t fight a demon you don’t know its name as you can’t worship a God nameless. It might also be that this situation is new as no one is expecting anyone in their right senses to legalize a sin. But we have to talk about this and it was Lucas that thought us the word, hence: Mulum Lucasitun

The dream of Aleister Crowley, the acclaimed antichrist and the antichrist himself will not be fulfilled if we don’t have a government like the west moving toward libertinism, and a people who see others doing evil and say ‘don’t judge ‘ or ‘mind your business ‘ or ‘it doesn’t concern me, since the guy/girl is not my child or is doing it to the person I know’. People will be free to ‘do what thy wilt’ when there is no one to forbid evil and encourage good. It is our primary responsibility to verbally talk down retardation in society, not necessarily to stop evil but to make sure evil remains evil and not change its name to something people will easily fall for. This is not about people’s wealth’ alone but everything.


And when a Muslim say ‘don’t judge show them this:

Abdullah ibn ‘Utbah reported: Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, said, “Verily, people were judged by revelation in the time of the Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, and the revelation has ceased. We only judge now what is manifested outwardly of your deeds. Whoever shows us good, we will trust him and bring him close. It is not for us to judge anything of his inner secrets. Allah will hold him accountable for his inner secrets. Whoever shows us evil, we will never trust him or believe him even if it is said his intentions are good.”

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