Russia-Ukraine War: What are the casualties? – Day I

An injured Ukrainian woman

Barely 24 hours after Putin’s declaration of  “Special Military Operations’ on Ukraine, casualties have followed. War broke out between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday after several weeks of talks between Russia, Ukraine alongside the USA and it’s NATO allies.

According to Ukraine’s President, Zelenskyy, not less than 137 civilians and military personnel have been killed on the first day on the now-invasion of Ukraine by Russia-led Vladimir Putin.

An injured Ukrainian woman

317 people have also been reportedly wounded as at the time of this report. Nexus News cannot independently verify this figures at this time.

The United Nation reports refugee agency says that about 100, 000 Ukrainians have fled their home since the war broke out.

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Over 100 people have been arrested in Russian cities over anti-war protests. Outside of Russia, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets while many gather in front of Russian embassies in different countries demanding for an end to the war.

Russia_Ukraine War
Protests in Russia
Protesters in Ukraine

United States President, Joe Biden pledges support for Ukraine, however, US troops will not be deployed to the country against Russia. NATO countries continue to issue sanctions on Russia. There are no talks of a confrontation.


Biden was asked on Thursday night if he would seek China to join in the isolation of Russia. He responded by saying he has no comment on it.


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