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The Representative of Taiwan in Nigeria, Ambassador Andy Yih-Ping Liu has disclosed that Taiwan, a peace loving country, is ready to counter any planned invasion or bullying from any other country.

Liu, who spoke to some journalists in Lagos, on the recent U.S.House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, noted that his home government will not permit any other country to interrupt its full-fledged democracy.

According to him, the Chinese trouble over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is irrational, irresponsible and provocative.

“Taiwan’s military build-up has been facing the threat of China for half a century. Taiwan has built one of the strongest missile defense systems in readiness for China.

“Almost every day, we have Chinese military aircraft flying around Taiwan, making a kind of harassment, but they never dared to fly over our territorial waters because they know that Taiwan will shoot them down. We will shoot them down immediately when they cross over. Not just the military jet-fighter but the missile, because we have built one of the strongest defense missile systems in the world.

“Taiwan has a lot of military build-up prepared for China’s invasion. We have bought a lot of weapons, and are working together with major strategic partners.

“The Chinese are not only bullying Taiwanese, they are actually putting direct military pressure on Japan, and even on Korea/ South Korea and now America is taking this seriously.

” But, we are well prepared. Taiwan has built one of the largest U.S. jet-fighters, largest jet-fighter fleet in the world. We have built our military equipment like naval destroyers, submarines, among others. From air, land and sea and from the submarine forces, we are building that for our own protection.

“We have done everything within our power to protect ourselves. We do not have any natural resources. From education, military build-up, high technology industry development, and with good coordination with the rest of the world, we have to defend ourselves. We have our own democracy which we defend seriously.” he said.

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Liu noted that the world knew that, briefly after Russia invaded Ukraine, China would be prepared to also launch an attack on Taiwan, but unknown to the Chinese, Taiwan is battle prepared.

“We are now building our own naval submarine. We have already built a lot of naval destroyers and frigates missile firing speed boats.

“We have the full capability of protecting ourselves. When Ukraine was invaded by Russia, many people around the world, including the media, knew that China would try to invade Taiwan.

“But, we have been getting ready for them in the last 50 years. If they want to come, they can come, and we will fight them off. We know that Russia and China are good friends, as well as allies. , They are demonstrating how the world can view them – as two big bullies, although they present themselves as big brothers.” Liu added.

It would be recalled that the Chinese government had at the planned trip of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, issued threats against the visit because Taiwan was part of it.

Amid the Chinese government’s threats, U. S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with promises from the Taiwanese government, ignored the threats, and still visited Taipei, Taiwan.

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