Top 10 people who ‘Japa’ isn’t for – Nexus News

1. If you love to live in a big wide apartment

2. If you love to be with your parents, extended families or your lovely friends

3. If you have more than 5 children already or you love to have many children

4. If you have or would love to have more than one wife

5. If you want to be exceedingly knowledgeable in your chosen field(s) without breaking a bank.

6. If you can’t tolerate racism

7. If you are already a successful or progressive business owner

8. If you like to attend Nigerian-made occasions like weddings, name ceremonies etc.

9. If you want full freedom of yourself and of your decisions.

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10. If you have some serious health issues

NOTE: Japa is a Nigerian slag used when people migrate to another country permanently

Dr Qaasem Olaking

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