UK cautions Putin of indefinite sanctions on war crimes 

The UK government on Tuesday cautioned that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his commanders in Ukraine could encounter prosecution for war crimes and that Western sanctions would persist “for as long as it takes”.

During a visit to Poland, Prime Minister Boris Johnson denounced Putin’s “barbaric, indiscriminate” tactics against Ukrainian civilians, after shelling hit one city.

According to it’s mayor, the attack on Kharkiv has destroyed a school and killed at least 11 civilians.

The Guardian Nigeria reports that the front pages of British newspapers published pictures of two young girls killed by Russian attacks in Ukraine and the statement of a doctor as he struggled to save one of them: “Show this to Putin.”

According to Johnson, Russia had underrated the “passionate desire” of Ukraine’s people to defend themselves, as well as “the unity and resolve of the West and of the rest of the world”.

“And we will keep up the economic pressure,” he added, after Britain on Tuesday joined the European Union and United States in sanctioning Russia’s biggest lender Sberbank.

Nexus News recalls that this comes after the government on Monday said it would freeze the UK assets of all Russian banks and authorized British ports to turn away Russian ships.

“It is plainly already having a dramatic effect,” Johnson said, with the Russian ruble and stock market in freefall, and customers queueing to withdraw their savings from banks.

“We are ready to intensify and to keep going for as long as it takes.” he said.

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