War in Ukraine “will not stop in the days to come” -President Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has cautioned that there is limited possibility of the war in Ukraine ceasing soon.

“This war unfortunately will not stop in the days to come,” Macron said to French station RTL Friday.

Macron referred to May 9 as an “important day” for the Russian military, calling it almost “certain that for President Putin May 9th must be a day of victory.”

“I think they will concentrate their efforts in the Donbas. I think we will live through very difficult scenes in the days and weeks to come in the Donbas,” Macron added.

According to Ukrainian officials, heavy fighting is underway in the east of the country, with shelling broadcasted throughout the Donbas region, ahead of what they are alerting may be a major Russian offensive.

Macron cautioned that the next few weeks will not likely “lead to many diplomatic concessions from Russia.”

Also, Macron stressed how humanitarian efforts by France, Greece, Turkey and the UN are encountering “a lot of difficulties because “there is a total refusal on the Russian side.”

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